Prayer Ministry Mission Statement- Connecting People to Christ through Prayer

Prayer Ministry Vision- Through prayer, our entire community is guided by the peace, the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Ministry

Contact: 598-7013

God of Surprises

Prayer Ministry Mission Statement - Connecting People to Christ through Prayer

Prayer Ministry Vision-  Through prayer, our entire community is guided by the peace, the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Weekly Prayer Meeting

Beginning on January 8, 2014, the Prayer Ministry Team will be meeting for prayer every Wednesday at 12:00 noon in the Prayer Room. 

Click HERE to learn more about the Prayer Ministry and how you can get involved.

Prayer Chain

Prayer requests received at Saturday and Sunday worship services are sent by e-mail as soon as possible to over 150 prayer warriors so prayers can start praying immediately. Members of the prayer chain may receive updates several times each week with current needs and concerns of the friends and families of Sunrise. Members of the prayer chain are asked to pray for each of these concerns as often as they are able. In addition, they are encouraged to pray faithfully for the many ministries of Sunrise Church and for each member of the staff. To add yourself to the prayer chain, please complete and submit this form: prayer-request.

Prayer Ministry for Worship Services

A team of individuals lifts up in prayer for God's presence and protection to be in every service. The team prays that God touches every person attending and to experience His love and mercy. The individuals also pray that those who do not know Jesus Christ will be drawn to Him.

Altar Ministry

Following each worship service, trained prayer ministers are available to pray with anyone who needs or desires prayers. Altar Ministers must have completed training in how to pray for others or have experience in this area. Altar Ministry is the compassion of Jesus released at a point of contact for a person’s felt need.

Prayer Services/Vigils

This is a time of focused corporate prayer for a specific need, concern, or religious event such as Easter and Christmas. Prayer services may also include time for praise and worship, testimonies and teaching.

Healing Service

This service is a time focused on those persons needing God’s healing touch either physically, emotionally or spiritually. The service usually includes a time for praise and worship, testimonies and teaching. Prayer teams are available at the end of the service to pray with individuals. These services are held several times throughout the year.

Prayer Workshops

Workshops help individuals grow in their personal prayer lives. Training is also held for altar ministers and those who want to learn how to pray for others. Training is normally held as weekly classes or as weekend retreats.

Becoming Part of the Prayer Ministry

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Prayer Ministry, please email Paula at

Prayer Rooms are open for prayer any time the church is open. They are always available for you to pray.

For Prayer Requests or more information about Prayer Ministry, complete and submit this form: prayer-request or call (719) 598-7013.